Selected Publications
        Magnetic reconnection in fusion and astrophysical plasmas:

  • F. Ebrahimi and R. Raman, Nuclear Fusion Lett. 56, 044002 (2016) "Large-volume flux closure during plasmoid-mediated reconnection in Coaxial Helicity Injection"
  • F. Ebrahimi and R. Raman, Physical Review Letters 114, 205003 (2015) "Plasmoids Formation During Simulations of Coaxial Helicity Injection in the National Spherical Torus Experiment " 
  • F. Ebrahimi, R. Raman, E. B. Hooper, C. R. Sovinec, and A. Bhattacharjee, Physics of Plasmas 21, 056109 (2014). "Physics of forced magnetic reconnection in coaxial helicity injection experiments in NSTX"
  • F. Ebrahimi, E. B. Hooper, C. R. Sovinec, and R. Raman, Physics of Plasmas 20, 090702 (2013). "Magnetic reconnection process in transient coaxial helicity injection"
  • F. Ebrahimi and S. C. Prager,  Astrophys. J., 740, (2011) "Momentum tranport from current-driven reconnection in astrophysical disks"
  • F. Ebrahimi, V. V. Mirnov, S. C. Prager, and C. R. Sovinec. Phy. Rev. Lett., 99:075003, (2007). "Momentum transport from current-driven reconnection in the reversed  field pinch"
  • F. Ebrahimi, V. V. Mirnov, and S. C. Prager. Phys. Plasmas, 15:055701, (2008), "Momentum transport from tearing modes with shear flow"
  • S. Choi, D. Craig, F. Ebrahimi, and S. C. Prager. Physical Review Letters, 96(14):145004, April (2006). "Cause of Sudden Magnetic Reconnection in a Laboratory Plasma".  doi: 
          Dynamo and Magnetorotational Instability:

  • F. Ebrahimi and E. G. Blackman,  MNRAS 459, 1422-1431 (2016)  "Radially Dependent Large Scale   Dynamos in Global Cylindrical Shear Flows and the  Local Cartesian Limit"
  • F. Ebrahimi and A. Bhattacharjee. Phys. Rev. Lett., 112:125003, Mar (2014). "Helicity-flux-driven alpha effect in laboratory and astro-physical plasmas"
  • F. Ebrahimi, B. Lefebvre, C. Forest, and A. Bhattacharjee. Physics of Plasmas, 18:062904,  (2011). "Global hall-mhd simulations of magnetorotational instability in a plasma couette flow experiment"
  • I. V. Khalzov, B. P. Brown, F. Ebrahimi, D. D. Schnack, and C. B. Forest, Physics of Plasmas, 18(3):032110 March (2011) "Numerical simulation of laminar plasma dynamos in a cylindrical von flow" . doi:
  • I. V. Khalzov, F. Ebrahimi, D. D. Schnack and V. V. Mirnov, Physics of Plasmas, 19, 012111, (2012) "Minimum energy states of the plasma pinch in standard and Hall magnetohydrodynamics",
  • F. Ebrahimi, S. C. Prager, and D. D. Schnack. Astrophys. J., 698:233, (2009). "Saturation of magnetorotational instability through magnetic  field generation"  10.1088/0004-637X/698/1/233
         Stability and current-drive in fusion plasmas

  • F. Ebrahimi, S. C. Prager, J. S. Sarff., and J. C. Wright, Physics of Plasmas, 10:999-1014, April (2003)  "The three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics of ac helicity injection in the reversed field pinch" . doi:
  • F. Ebrahimi and S. C. Prager. Current pro.le control by alternating current magnetic helicity injection. Physics of Plasmas, 11:2014-2025, May (2004). doi: 
  • F. Ebrahimi, S. C. Prager, and C. R. Sovinec. Physics of Plasmas, 9:2470-2473, June (2002). "Resistive-ideal transition of pressure-driven instabilities in current-carrying plasmas beyond the Suydam criterion".  doi:
  • P. Zhu, D. D. Schnack, F. Ebrahimi, E. G. Zweibel, M. Suzuki, C. C. Hegna, and C. R. Sovine. Phys.Rev. Lett., 101:055701, (2008) "Absence of complete finite-larmor-radius stabilization in extended mhd"


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