The Heliophysics seminars are intended to:
  • allow guests and local members of the plasma physics community to present heliophysics related research and foster collaborations
  • facilitate development of theoretical tools for understanding fundamental physical processes such as reconnection, turbulence, waves, and transport that control the dynamics in the context of the heliosphere
  • provide a forum to facilitate cross-fertilization between laboratory plasma physics, astrophysics, and heliospheric science
Unless otherwise noted, heliophysics seminars are held Thursdays at 2 PM, in the Theory Conference Room, T169.

Date  Speaker Topic / ETC
11/11, 10:30AM, A104Dr. Mark Cheung
Lockheed Martin
 Testing the Physics of Solar and Stellar Flares with NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and Radiative MHD Simulations 
09/13 Dr. Sasha Philippov
Center for Computational Astrophysics 
 Plasma astrophysics of neutron starts and black holes
05/02 Dr. Vladimir Zhdankin
Princeton University 
Nonthermal particle energization in relativistic plasma turbulence
 04/25Prof. David Schaffner
Bryn Mawr 
Magnetic turbulence in a plasma wind tunnel at the Bryn Mawr Plasma Laboratory
  04/18, 3:30PMDr. Lynn Wilson
NASA Goddard 
Electron energy partition across interplanetary shocks near 1 AU
 04/12, 3PM Dr. Luca Comisso
Columbia University
The interplay of plasma turbulence and magnetic reconnection in producing nonthermal particles
03/28 Prof. Kris Klein
University of Arizona 
Instabilities and Plasma Heating in the Inner Heliosphere: Thermodynamics far from Equilibrium
03/08, 3PM, A104Prof. Xin Cheng
Najing University 
Large-scale solar eruptions and induced small-scale magnetic reconnection
 03/01, 3PM, A104
Prof. Bin Chen
New Jersey Institute of Technology
 Dr. Joel Dahlin
NASA Goddard
Prof. James Slavin
University of Michigan
11/30 Prof. Ian Hutchinson