The mission of the Princeton Center for Heliophysics is to facilitate and carry out research programs at the Department of Astrophysical Sciences and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in the study of heliospheric physics.  Specifically, the center will
  • Provide an intellectual home for faculty, staff and students engaged in scientific research throughout the heliosphere including ionospheric, magnetospheric, solar, and interplanetary plasmas
  • Facilitate development of theoretical tools for understanding fundamental physical processes such as reconnection, turbulence, waves, and transport that control the dynamics in the context of the heliosphere
  • Foster collaborations within the heliospheric community by hosting long-term visitors and organizing scientific meetings 
  • Provide a forum to facilitate cross-fertilization between laboratory plasma physics, astrophysics, and heliospheric science 
  • Promote fundamental advances in understanding the heliosphere to students, educators, and the public